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You'll find the HDP Offices nestling in the woods just off the A281 outside of Guildford, Surrey.

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Haiti Development Project (HDP) focuses on practical solutions
to the social, economic and developmental emergencies in Haiti.

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  • Sep

    Tropical Storm Matthew Arrives In Haiti

    Friday, September 24th, 2010, tropical storm Matthew slammed the capital of Port-au-Prince, tearing down the makeshift tarp cities and reportedly killing five earthquake survivors. Tropical storm Matthew, which passed over the capital city of Port-au-Prince, is reported to have caused panic and terror among the estimated 1.3 million Port-au-Prince residents who are still homeless eight months after the January 12th earthquake. The storm collapsed numerous tents and quickly turned the dirt floors to mud. Due to the deforestation of the surrounding mountains, flooding is a real fear. Tropical storm Matthew serves as a reminder of how tenuous the situation is in Haiti. After the earthquake, change has been slow and often non-existent. Without an infrastructure, or basic habitation for that matter, this year’s hurricane season has the potential of being the most destructive on record. Aside from the obvious destruction a tropical storm can cause, it also hinders any efforts at rebuilding. Schools in Haiti are scheduled to open the first week of October 2010. The Haiti Development Project (HDP) hopes any destruction caused by this tropical storm will not delay the opening of these schools.